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Wargaming Codes : World Of Tanks




Wargaming, a Belarusian game developer company has been a big name in the ecosystem right from its establishment. It’s game war of tanks has hit great records of popularity. It’s a collection of massively multiplayer online games. There are 5 or 6 games, to be precise that you can log into, on the website itself. 

You can choose to go solo, or in a squad. The squad the game assigns to you however is done very poorly, though. One user was seen writing that your squad either emerges completely victorious, or it loses miserably. There isn’t a fair match ever. Also, the games encourage you to buy their premium gear and equipment. You are always in a great disadvantage compared to those that are playing with premium purchases. 

There’s a wargaming game center that you can look out for regular updates about new additions in their games, or purchases offered at discounted prices. 

World of Tanks

World of tanks is the flagship game of the company. It’s the most played and talked about game in their entire list of available games. It’s free to play, like their other games but comes with in-app purchases. 

It comes with different types of tanks, with different levels of defense and offense. The tanks have been designed to resemble real world tanks that are there, that have participated in several wars. 

The techniques for standing out victorious in the game might include proper armour and camouflage. The latter is extensively used to keep off an enemy tank from attacking. You can carry secondary equipment such as repair kits and other weapon accessories. You need to take down the enemy tank, allied with your peers and be the ultimate survivor. 

Free Bonus Wargaming Codes List

FB9001BLITZ2020 : Free premium account for 3 days.

3V1L1005G0TC04L : Code works for EU servers.







The games at the website are fun, and engaging but unless they come up with a good algorithm of teaming up players with evenly matched techniques, I would say there’s a lot that can be improved.  

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55 Outrageous Chicken Coop Designs & Ideas




Are you searching for cool chicken coop design ideas? Well, we have plenty of them in our arsenal. Below you will find some of the best & outrageous large chicken coop plans, chicken coop decorating ideas, chick coop door/floor/roofing ideas and much more. So let’s get started!

Different people have unique expectations from chicken coop designs for meeting their requirements. You’ll like to make an attractive chicks dwelling design for building your ultimate chicken house that looks wonderful. There are many simple ideas to build beautiful, inexpensive and secure chicken sheds for outdoor.
You need to develop a concept about the chicken shed that you are planning. It can be over the theme of your house, a totally modern look, chicken house on a water body or in an aged van, an old building or your backyard and so on. You can take the help of a designer to style its exteriors. Or, work on your own idea to make a chicken house with your own creativity and expertise.

You can get numerous helpful ideas and several useful designs on the internet and of course here on Prayukti. You must go over the important techniques concerning the construction of hen coops. You should explore many affordable materials and gorgeous designs on the exteriors of chicken houses. When you design the interiors and layout, you must adhere to the basics and provide essential facilities in your chicken house for proper upkeep and health of the chicken.

Study and find the most appropriate place, suitable and affordable materials, roosts, nesting boxes, lighting, and the ways of ventilation, insulation and installing services like heating or cooling, feeders and means of security from rodents.

You can also get your chicken coops custom designed according to your likings and needs.  You need careful planning, proper blueprints and construction details for building a good-quality chicken house.

If you have some elementary knowledge about breeding hen, have some designing aptitude and skills to make drawings that will be an added advantage. The plans must include the materials and processes to build a chicken coop to your design. You may go for professional help for getting the views and ideas of the experts to make your chicken coop design more functional and appealing. The experts can also provide the complete design details, plans, bill of materials, detailed drawings, construction methods, and step by step directions for building a very useful.

3 Things You Should Know While Building Chicken Coop

It is better to concentrate on the following points to build a most suitable design of the hen-house:

It should be dry and free from draft. You must select a place at a higher level to avoid dampness in the floor. The shed must have a proper fence to ensure the safety of your chicken. There should be no loose wires or sharp-edged objects in the coop. The chicken coop should have the proper size so that you can accommodate your birds comfortably comfortable in it. There should be a sufficient space for every chicken. Generally, it is good to provide an area about 4 to 5 sq. ft. to every chicken. The chickens need space for moving around and exercising.

Provide proper perches for chicken to sit. These must be higher than four feet. The chicken must not find any other place to sit.  Your chickens coop also should include a sufficient area for nests and roosts. You can use rods or branches for perches. Every chicken should get nearly 8 to 10 inches space on the perch to sit without crowding. Make one nest for every 3-4 birds. The water containers and feeders must have good design and should be located at convenient locations so that the birds can easily find them.

The chicken house must have adequate lighting. There should be enough natural light and warmth from the sun in winter months. The doors and windows must provide better ventilation in summer and they must be effectively functional besides complementing the appearance of the shed. The vents must not permit a direct draft inside. It should be easier to keep the chicken house clean.

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