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Lootboy Codes & Cool Hacks You Didn’t Know




Lootboy is an app meant for gamers promising to provide exclusive game hacks and game purchases for fewer cents. The app claims to give several premium passes and other accessories for the gamers out there, some of them for free, while most of them for great discounts for the popular games that are played today. 

lootboy redeem codes

The app is available for download on both android and iOS, and there aren’t really promising reviews about the app, if you’re an iOS user reading this. We’ll talk about that soon. But first, lil more about the app…

The app has 1 M+ downloads on PlayStore, and kind of works great on the platform. The app does have a lot of cheats and codes for hacking through the in-game purchases making the purchases really economical. Also, you can have exclusive game accessories using the packs through this app. 

You can select your game and buy something that you need for your gameplay, with lesser amount to pay. The purchases are in form of cards. You can also trade unwanted cards into gems. A gem is the currency you require to make purchases on this app. Besides, an unwanted card can also be exchanged for a useful game card.

Issue with iOS users

While the app seems to be working for Android, they don’t really have a lot of game cards for iOS. The users are seen complaining about how they were tricked into buying the game cards. And they never got any iStore credits at all ! Failing to get any iStore credits can still bag you some cards, mostly those for the games you haven’t asked. And given the fact that not many of the games that are there are actually available on iStore, this becomes a total waste of money to spend any money on the app. This is all that says about the app. 

lootboy free diamonds

Now Let’s See Lootboy Codes

So following are the codes for lootboy game that you were looking for. Expiry date of these code is unknown so try your luck.

What will these code give you?

Well, after redemption, you can expect either free diamonds (diamanten), coins or gems.

Sr. No.Lootboy Redeem Code

We’re constantly trying to add the new codes in this list so make sure to bookmark this post for upcoming updates.

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Try These 5 DC Universe Online Codes To Get Free Gifts in Game




DCUO or DC Universe Online game actually allows you to play villains – you read that right ! You can choose to join the Justice League (the league of DC superheroes, comprising of Batman, Green Lantern, etc and lead by Superman), or The Society (the gang of villains of the DC universe such as the Joker, Poison Ivy). Man, Poison Ivy does have some sort of sex appeal, I’d say. 

The game is so richly developed, that the developers Daybreak have actually added 35 episodes, to complement the gameplay. These episodes are free to watch for the gamers with subscription, and require you to have completed certain achievements to unlock. 

redeem codes for dc universe online

DCUO Gameplay

The game starts with asking you to choose your player in your own customised style, decide your player’s characteristics such as his interest – it could be towards the heroes or the villains, personality and weapons and everything else. 

Name your character, and it enters into the arena with its own unique type of skill-sets. 


The plot revolves round the failure of past DC superheroes to take down the villains. There must be the rise of new DC heroes, and with Brainiac incoming to Earth with the idea of controlling metahumans formed by his pirated data. The heroes must find and train these metahumans, before they could actually be used against humanity. 

dcuo free codes

Trust me, the game’s more awesome than it sounds here ! Grab your seat to become a hero or a villain, and be a part of DC. 

Free DCUO Codes! Redeem Them Today

So we are at the final part of this article. I know you were eagerly searching for DCUO codes for claiming free gifts in game. So here we are with the latest codes! Go, redeem them now…


We’re still in the process of adding new promo codes in this list. Let’s know in comments section if you have any other working codes.

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Have You Seen These Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes?




These days, RPG games are high in popularity and player demand. One such game that demands you to be the ultimate survivor of the scavenging arena is Escape from Tarkov. This has been developed by Russian Gamers, and is still in developmental phase with several new improvisations being made. 

Escape from Tarkov is themed about the fictional city of Tarkov, that is rusting with abandonment after contract wars. The city now has to face rival gangs looking for loot and terror. You gotta be the best among them, and prove your mettle, and this is how.  

escape from tarkov promo code

The game begins with asking you to make raids with adequately equipped weapons. The game involves real life issues such as heating and jamming of weapons, and requires you to take care of yourself with treatment of medicines every now and then. Your health is constantly deteriorated staying there in the city. Keep looking for the useful items in the city like radio, and high-tech gear. You should take care of you health and weapons and ensure they are in good condition. 

The raid demands you to have the knowledge of the weapons you’ll be using. You can loot the weapons and gear of other players when they die during raids. You can team up with some others or raid solo. 

Scav players 

Playing as a scav gives you some luxuries in the game. You can stack all what you’ve earned in the game playing as a scav into your store. If you die as a scav, your inventory remains intact, and this should be the least you should be worried about. 

promo code

More than raid…

Besides, it’s not just all fight, raid and loot. You need to speak to the merchants and sell your items of loot for some cash to survive for other essentials. There’s so much more than the regular RPG games that come with only fast gameplay and action. 

Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes

No.Escape From Tarkov Promo CodeBenefits
1b1uOMSfVVjValid till 30th December 2019
2GzISenevqDValid till 25th December 2019
3VXP9cnmP7FValid till 19th December 2019
4aVsZTVF6G8Valid till 28th November 2019
5pC1ytdlt4rValid till 22nd November 2019
635mBk1sxehValid till 18th November 2019
7Wo3u7QEa8iValid till 10th October 2019
8afVHh9haJVValid till 5th October 2019
9HStbR0It3mValid till 16th September 2019
10ZtraXYB7XyValid till 14th August 2019
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Piggy Go Gift Codes! Get Them All




Piggy go, an online roll and raid game, has 1 M+ downloads on Android. The game has that raid and loot kind of gameplay. I know a lot of games that come today have this set-up, but this one seems to be really popular among them. 



The gameplay primarily revolves around building a stronghold for yourself using resources that you can purchase using the coins of loot and rewards. Your shelter should be best-equipped with latest shield and protections. You should be able to keep-off enemy raids. 

You’re given few chances of dice that decide what you’re task or reward is going to be, to progress with the game. The coins that you collect raiding others’ belongings, can buy you the skins and gear. You otherwise might need to spend real money to buy them, if you run out of these coins. 

Piggy Go Gift Codes

Piggy go gift codes are hard to find as there are very few sites on the internet that provide active codes for this classy game. Here are some of the latest & working piggy go gift codes:

Piggy GoGift Code


You can also buy and raise animals, and maintain farmlands for the same. There are souvenirs for every new challenges you raid in different countries, and you get them as cards. 

Casinos and Gold

The other quick money options include a visit to a casino. It requires making enough tickets before being able to cash-in. The gold and coins are valuables, and decide, the quality of armour your base has against the raids of other players.  Either way, you can use our piggy go gift codes given right above to get these things for free.



Talking about the reviews, well, continuous gameplay can be frustrating, since your base keeps on getting damaged, and there’s no maximum limit as to how many times your base can be ravaged each day. So, spending all the same all the time to only see it being damaged can be irritating, since it costs you your valuable and hard-earned coins. Starting things back from scratch, time and again is a real nuisance, and the game needs to think about this. Also, real purchases online, and the persuasions the game makes to each one of the players for the same is troublesome. The game otherwise doesn’t have too much to complain about. 

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