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Walk Hero Ankle Brace Reviewed : Should You Buy It?




Ankle braces are something that are as much a part of an athlete’s life as lamb to an Arabian cuisine. Ankles are pretty vulnerable to be sprained, and a sprained ankle hurts, like hurts well. 

Walk hero ankle brace, is one of those braces that are meant to keep your ankle upright, and hold them right and tight to heal them faster. While there are several of these ankle braces that are available, there’s some reason why not all of them are good, and that’s because they come in rigid grip that you cannot change according to your comforts. 

Walk Hero Ankle Braces Review By Prayukti

However, walk hero ankle braces come with adjustable elastic, that goes right amount of comfy with the sprained ankle sizes, and that you can change accordingly. The brace comes handy not only in broken ankles, but for all sorts of needs catering ankle and arch pain. review

The brace keeps your ankle in correct posture and allows you to walk without pain. It is priced at nearly $30, shipping charges excluded. The delivery time can typically take between 7 to 21 days, depending upon the place you’re shipping the product into. Also, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, that’s a big plus. 

Walk Hero Discount Code

As of now, there is no active promo code available for store. However, you can always use this link to get the similar product at 15%-20% discounted price.

Final Verdict

The reviews about the product, though scarce, say good about it, not considering a few untimely deliveries, with the scheduled date not exactly being met. Also, one of them explained how it didn’t give him the right amount of stiffness, while the rest of the others were pretty happy with the product, and some of them also writing how it was helpful to cut down the pain surrounding ankle and legs. 

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PSO Rite Review & Discount Code : Is It Worth Buying?




An athlete has to endure a lot of pain. The making of an athlete comes with years of hard work. To be able to continue with the muscle breaking practice, one needs to have their muscles strong and relaxed. A good massage works well in this case.

Massage at someone’s professional spa costs you a ton. And then we have a device that can help you with your massage and you don’t need anybody to help you with it. It’s called PSO rite, and it works like this : 

You gotta place the part to be massaged on to the device, and slowly move that part up and down, or to and fro through, and continue to do so for sometime. As seen in the picture, the massage works and works well for many parts including thighs and legs, shoulders and back. This method of massage doesn’t cost you anything extra, and is actually recommended. You can also volunteer to do it yourself, without needing anybody. 

pso rite reviews

PSO Rite Reviews 

The reviews about this product are rather encouraging. The people have mentioned about how their back pain went on in a few days of continuous massage. The device seems to be correct in its techniques of massage. Some of the people out there have termed it better than trying out other methods of massage such as kettlebell and handle. The massage in particular seemed to work well with his glutes. 

There are people writing about its versatility and its use to a number of different massages. Also, given the fact that the massage techniques are quite easy and basic to apply, it becomes a child’s play to master it. So far, I’ve failed to find any skeptical review about the product. 

So $79.97 mightn’t just be total waste after all. 

PSO Rite Discount Code

If you’re looking to buy PSO Rite and need some discount then we have some great deals for you.

1. Visit Offer Page : Get minimum 10% discount using the link. No promo code required. You’ll also get free & fast shipping on your orders.

Thanks for scrolling by!

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Wow Shampoo Review : Does It Really Strengthen Your Hairs?




Wow shampoo, a brand that has been making talks on the internet since quite some time, comes with the given ingredients : apple cider vinegar, argon and almond oils ( the apple cider vinegar variant ). The benefits of the product, as per the company, include less dandruff, and soft and moisturised hair, removing flakes etc. 

The company claims the shampoo to be healthy to polluted hair and weak scalps, tending to detoxify the hair. In this article, I’ve compiled a few reviews about the product, which is priced at Rs 400, in the Indian market. For this, I’ve skipped the reviews on the company’s website, for obvious reasons of course, and taken them from various other corners of the internet. 

wow shampoo honest reviews

Key Ingredients Used In Wow Shampoo >>>

1. Raw apple CIDER VINEGAR

Top Wow Shampoo Reviews 

The most critical review roughly translates as the product being totally pathetic, for thinner scalps. The man has written how the product damaged his hair making it less dense than what it used to be. After each shampoo, there would be a handful of hair strands falling out, and the shampoo had a certain role to play in. Also, if your scalp is already sensitive to the vinegar, then it’s a big no. One of them has written about how her hair seemed dryer and out of life after each wash with shampoo. 

However, the critical reviews outnumber the positive, there still are some good reviews and I’m going to list them. 

does wow shampoo really work?
Source: Pixabay

Some of them have written about getting favourable results from the use of shampoo and how the product helped them get shiny and smooth hair. He also added to use the product regularly for best results.

One of them wrote about the fragrance of the shampoo too good to not use. I’ve tried including all major points in the reviews, and all these reviews are from independent sources, so you can bank upon them.

If you want to grab your hands on this shampoo, then get it from here at cheapest price!

Considering the price of the shampoo, and it’s reviews, I believe there are other shampoos in the range you can look for. 

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