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This Helo App Referral Code Gives 300 Rs+ Paytm Cash!




helo app refer & earn offer

Helo, a Chinese app, that’s available in many regional languages, and not English, is one of those fun video editor apps that are gaining rapid popularity among the Indian internet base, particularly and surprisingly, the rural India, where these video-editing apps seem to have a larger fanbase. 

Helo, is an app that’s meant for what’s trending, and news, also, it’s primarily being used for making comedy videos, that are being circulated on Facebook and WhatsApp, all over. These videos have their audio taken from popular comedy films, and people acting or lip-synching to the dialogues. This is a popular pastime in today’s youth. Making lip-syncs to the songs, and trying to act to the situation, like they do on has found a large audience today, and you can also do that on Helo. 

where to enter helo referral code?

Recently Helo app launched its referral program and if you’re interested in making some money off your phone then here you go!

Helo App Referral Code To Get Free Paytm Cash

  1. Download latest version of Helo app from here.
  2. If it’s already installed, simply use this referral code CSTQDVL.
  3. Now you will get free signup bonus. Amount may vary per app’s T&C.

Helo App Refer & Earn Offer : How Does It Work?

  1. Open the Helo app.
  2. At the top right corner, you will see ₹ symbol in orange color.
  3. Now you have 2 option for ‘refer & earn’.
  4. First is to share your unique referral link to your friends.
  5. Second is to share your referral code with friends & ask them to use it while signing up.
  6. You can earn upto 300 Rs free paytm cash using this program.

The app is fun to use, and though I haven’t used it myself, I’ve seen their videos on Facebook and everywhere else. They’re fun to watch, and I believe even funnier to make. Besides making and editing videos, you can also have your daily dose of news, and it works like any ordinary magazine, with news from all other sources of media outlets.

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There’s a slight data concern, with news sources sharing about how Chinese apps such as could be stealing vulnerable data. Several independent  sources have written about this, and you should be able to find a bunch of articles on this issue. While there aren’t any concrete evidences about the same, we aren’t really ruling out the fact that they could. 

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Make The Most Outta Inboxdollars Winit Codes




inboxdollars winit codes

To those who do not know, InboxDollars is a Get Paid to (GPT) website that pays you for taking surveys and receiving mails. After signing up, you’re given a $5 welcome to the site. The amount you earn gets stacked until you reach the threshold amount of $30 to be able to withdraw for the first time. 

Completing tasks on this website is very tiresome and rewards very less. It can take you more than a month to meet the required criteria to make your first withdrawal. There’s one way that you can use to quickly cash-in the payments and that is by Winit codes. InboxDollars Winit codes can boost up your earnings to help you reach the threshold earlier. 

winit codes

So, What Exactly Are Winit Codes Then ?

Get down to the win it tab and click it to see the screen that asks you the code. Upon entering the code, you’re eligible for surprise rewards that are overpaying to the usual ones.

inboxdollars free codes

For being able to know what the code is, you need to keep checking Inbox Dollars social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The codes are alternatively posted on all these  sites and only at one site at a time. The codes are valid until midnight and you need to be active on their social media to figure out what the code is. Their Instagram and Twitter handle is : 

@InboxDollars (for both twitter and instagram)

The codes are usually something to day with global events including World Food Day, and similar others. They’re a sum of alphanumeric characters and one should be careful to mind the caps. These winit codes are the extra income to the otherwise slow progress of the website. So keep checking their handles and keep earning more, on InboxDollars through winit codes!

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Top 5 InstaGC Point Booster Codes You Wouldn’t Wanna Miss!




With several GPT sites out there, it kind of becomes confusing on what to trust. There are some that are genuinely legit while most are not. And today, we’re gonna talk about one such site that’s been there for long, and has paid many – Instagc. 

Making money on this app is similar to what some of the other similar sites demand, like watching videos and taking surveys. The tasks reward you with points that could be anywhere from 1 to as high as 150. Usually, surveys are the most rewarding with a 5-10 mins survey usually bringing 100+ points on the go. A 100 point on the website is equivalent to $1, and this is exactly the minimum amount required to cash out the reward. This is something that makes this website stand out from the rest of others – the threshold amount only being $1, while others may have the same as high as $10 or higher. 

As soon as you sign up, you’re given a 10 point welcome for free. The tasks are pretty simple. The tasks include : 

  • Taking surveys 

These are the most rewarding of the tasks. A typical survey comes with more than 100 points. Look out for surveys for the maximum exploitation. 

  • Downloading apps 

You can download some of their apps that are their for testing. You then need to come up with a feedback about the same. 

  • Opening links to some websites 

Use the links given to you to open some links and hang in there for some time. This literally costs you a second to open, and a few extra seconds to stay, and you can have some easy points. 

  • Use their links for shopping 

You can also choose to shop using their referrals. This task is also very rewarding. There are a large variety of items that are out there for you to choose from. 

  • Watching videos 

This is the most commonly sought after task on the website since it’s the most readily available. 

You must have a valid and verified PayPal account to be able to cash-in. So get one and start earning some free, easy and lazy bucks today!

InstaGC Point Booster Codes

  1. LateBonus
  2. 1-19-2020
  3. HappyNewYear2020 : Get free 20.20 booster points by using this code.
  4. ItsDecember
  5. 12-19-2019
  6. HappyFriday11-22
  7. 11-13-2019
  8. HolidayBonus2019

More codes will be added soon to this list.

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This Helo App Referral Code Gives 300 Rs+ Paytm Cash!

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