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Great Clips : Don’t Miss These 5 Coupons If You Wanna Save Huge!




Great clips, is a chain of salons all across the United States and Canada, and has an empire or over a billion US dollars, as of today. Opened first, as a small experimental salon, in Minnesota, where it’s headquartered, the chain has now expanded to over 4000 salons. 

The special feature that make this salon right on top is it’s business model of low-priced saloning but serving a large number of customers. Though they tend to make less profits per user, they try to serve as many of them as possible.

greatclips coupon & review

About The Salons Of Great Clips 

Scheduling salon time with them is easy. You can easily see where the nearest salon of their chain is. There’s no use waiting for your turn at your regular salon. Save your time, and reach exactly at your scheduled time, and you’ll be served right away. The prices for a haircut are $ 14 to adults, and $ 12 for all other age groups including children and old-age group. The additional services such as premium hair-dressing and everything else cost extra. 

Great Clips Coupons & Promo Codes

So here we are with the list of brand new Great Clips coupons. We will try our best to update this list with newer codes so you won’t miss any discounts or offers.

greatclips $5.99 off coupon

1. Offer page : This coupon will give you $5.99 on your hair cut. You need to click on “print coupon” button and website will give you a unique promo code instantly. Print it and show at stores to claim the discount.

2. WPZA8 : This great clips coupon will save your $7.99 so go and just redeem it.

3. RWPS2 : Get $5 Off on haircut by applying this promo code at checkout.

4. OLKE3 : Get $5.99 instant savings! Redeem this greatclips coupon now.

5. QDFT3 : Enjoy 10% discount on your entire bill. Validity of this code is unknown.

Hair Care Products 

Besides, the franchise has tie-ups with many popular hair care brands, and you can get their products such as hair oils and hair gels and straighteners at special concessions, provided you’re a regular Great Clips customer. 


As mentioned earlier, you can schedule your haircut with them according to your needs, and see if there’s any vacancy available at your desired time. You’ll be waitlisted until your alloted time, and then you can choose to walk past all other people to avail the service at first, at your time. You can do this by booking your time with their website or their app. The app has over 3 M downloads and is popular among its customers. 


The company also has in, career opportunities for you and you can check their official website for more on the topic. You can register your salon to their company, and avail some great benefits. 

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LeetCode Promo Code & Premium Offers You Shouldn’t Miss




Taking an interview can be anxious. It’s perfectly fine in being confused about what and what not to prepare before appearing for the interviews. Particularly for software developer profiles, you never know what technology you lag in for the time being. You need to be updated with the latest software and the short-cut ideas to solve a given problem, being time-management is crucial. 

leetcode coupons

Leetcode, is one such platform that is meant to cater to all your programming needs and make you job ready. You can choose to learn surfacely, several of the coding aspects such as Data Structure and Algorithms and practice problems based upon them. You can scroll through the most repeated and probable interview questions. There are 100s of coding problems with their logics explained. You can run the code and see if you can generate the output. 

leetcode premium free

LeetCode Premium Subscription : Is It Really Worth?

Besides, the contests held by the company can actually help you land a job, since they claim to have ties with the recruiters, and top performers can find their way into some company with their contests, and that comes with a premium plan.

The premium subscription allows you to take part in these contests and also learn all the exclusive content that’s available on the portal. The subjects can include DS and algo, database, and languages 14 as such. Besides, you can also have a casual overview of the courses they offer, with demo videos. Also, there are a lot of programs that don’t cost you a penny to look at, so that’s a plus. Practise interview questions from the tech-giants such as Facebook and Google, and see the pattern they’ve been following. 

When at an interview however, you don’t know what your interviewer can fire at you, so you’d better sharpen your coding skills to the fullest before actually taking one. And you can see if Leetcode actually seems worth spending some bucks for the same. 

Alright, that’s enough about LeetCode..Now let’s see if we can save some money on subscription with promotion codes & coupons. Get ready to save upto 70% on leetcode premium with Prayukti’s verified deals.

LeetCode Promo Code & Coupons

Apply promo code HOLIDAY to get upto 20% discount. Valid for limited time only.

Use promo code THANKS2019 to get Leetcode annual subscription for just $129. Offer is valid till 2019 only.

More codes will be added soon so keep checking this space for latest updates.

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PayPal Chip Card Reader Promo Code & Offers




PayPal Card & Chip Reader Promo Codes

  1. Hoilday25
  2. More codes will be added soon…

Why to cash?

paypal chip reader

If you are done with having to manage cash by the customers for your business and wanna switch up to the electronic way, why not opt for PayPal Here? 

PayPal continues to be the most opted option for purchases, and you wouldn’t wanna let your business doom because of not having the option at your store’s checkout. PayPal allows easy, and hassle-free cashless transactions and this is a reason for its sheer popularity. With PayPal Chip Reader coupled with PayPal Here app, you can now connect to your customers digitally, and here’s how. 

Connecting To The App And Payments 

First of all, you need to download PayPal Here app, which is available both for iOS and Android. You can easily log in to your account. 

Then, connect your chip reader to your smartphone via bluetooth. The reader comes with a Bluetooth built-in, and when once connected, you’re notified by a light. 

Now, whenever your customer purchases a product, just enter the required amount in your PayPal here app, and that is displayed on the chip reader. Now, ask your customer to insert his card the right way, ah, you know the right way right ! After the card has been entered, s/he may be required to either enter their PIN, or a digital signature.

The PIN has to be typed on the card reader, or the signature had to be signed on the PayPal here app ( you’ll be specified about the space at checkout ). The chip reader comes with two or three models with prices ranging from $59.99 to $99.99. The costliest model allows customers to enter their PIN for transaction while the most economical doesn’t. 

And that’s it- all that it takes to make a transaction, real-quick, and made-easy with Paypal. 

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Want Some Yoshinoya Coupons & Promo Codes? Then Check This Out…




East has a lot of ancient cultures and traditions, which also apply to their eating habits. What we’re going to be talking about today is one of them. Yoshinoya, a Japanese food chain, initially opened for the fishermen of small Japanese fishing towns of Tokyo, aims to revive traditional Japanese flavour back from the ages. 

yoshinoya coupon

The revival of once-popular Japanese delicacies, with high nutrition is what they strive for. Speaking today, they own and manage 2000 restaurants worldwide, and the number is surging forward. In this post, we are going to talk about Yoshinoya store & its coupons so you can save the most on your order. So let’s get started.

Yoshinoya Nutrition

The food prepared at Yoshinoya is greatly taken care of. All the food that is delivered to you is freshly prepared. You can choose to walk into their stores and see for yourself. They offer a variety of rice-bowls, which include one or two types of chicken, and few grilled meat menus, with a lot of veggies topped over them. The food looks absolutely gorgeous when seen in reviews 

However, what the company is most known for is their specialisation in gydon, or beef bowls. They offer a variety of beef variants, and these dishes are the most sought after ones. You get to customise your bowl size and its contents so that you never overpay for the food you’d not eat and leave leftovers. 

You can look for the nearest Yoshinoya store right at their official website and see what’s the nearest to you. You can then proceed to order. The bowls are reasonably priced, and are promising for a healthy and delicious dinner.

Yoshinoya Coupons & Promo Codes 2020

So finally we are here with all new coupons for Yoshinoya store. You can use these codes and save upto 20% on your food orders.

Yoshinoya coupons are currently not available. We’ll be adding them soon…

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