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Chhapaak Movie Review : Is It Worth Watching?




Welcome to Prayukti readers! So today we are going to review one of the biggest blockbuster of this year, none other than छपाक movie! We’ll also be telling you the sources from where you can officially download or watch full Chaapaak movie online without doing any piracy. So, let’s first start with our review part.

Chhapaak, a movie inspired by real life events of acid-attack survivor Laxmi, shows how living a secluded and assaulted life is, and also shows the struggles and making of the woman with the character this lady has, post attack. 

The movie has that gloomy sort of set-up. You’ll begin to really sympathise with the character. The movie has all that to make you think about the lowly transition of humanity. The film speaks volumes about the life an acid-assault victim has to spend. With limited contacts and no peers, going on to explore the world with a burnt face, you’ll literally begin to feel the pain the character portrays. 

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Deepika has lived the character, and you have little to complain about her act. The acid attack survivor has been shown to advocate strongly against what had happened to her, and she does that by speaking for acid ban over the country. The flashback could have been a bit more lucid, but it’s okay. The character speaks insights about how disabilities cannot force the change of one’s course of determination and one’s dissent.

Though movie looks stretched long at times, you’ll be empathised to hold on to the scene. This is all that pretty much sums it up. Overall, a good initiative of the B’town to come out of the comfort zone of fairytale love stories and making society centric movies. 

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We know, you were eagerly searching for this part. Although TamilRockers have already leaked the full Chhapaak movie, we are not allowed to share its link here as it is against the copyright laws.

However, within 3-4 weeks, you will be able to watch/download it from Hotstar app. Else, there are several telegram app groups that have full HD copies of Chhapaak movie but we do not recommend to go against the law.

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